Monday, January 23, 2012


In the great story of Peter Pan it is explained that the way to kill a fairy is to not believe in them, but if you do believe in fairies...  if you believe in them deep down to the center of your whole true self- your faith can save their lives.

Maybe we don't live in Neverland, but the reality is we all have a version of Captain Hook chasing after us, most days he looks like insecurities, fear and low self-esteem. And Tinkerbell looks like  our dreams; some days they're the  smallest hint of light off in the distance and others they're waking you up early for no reason other than to play.

Believing in ourselves and in our dreams can be the hardest job we have, but faith is the one thing we need to always hold on to and if you believe in miracles it opens you to them actually happening.

When Tinkerbell realized that Captain Hook is going to poison her beloved Peter Pan, she drinks the medicin and falls to the ground.

How many times have we thought our dreams died because our planning didn't work out EXACTLY as we planned it? How many times did we think, "Maybe I should give up."

But then Peter and Wendy chanted "I do believe in Fairies. I do. I do." With tears and sweat and pain they brought her back to life.

Failure is giving up on your dreams. Knowing the road may be bumpy but accepting the fact it'll be worth it in the end because one thing is for sure, we're all going to die - so we may as well live when we have the chance.
There are no certainties in this life, but there is faith, there is love, there is hope and there is hard work. Yes, Captain Hook may have you ready to walk the plank, but do you believe in miracles? I do. I do. Do you have faith in you? I do. I do.

You have control over your life than you know, so accept you for what you are. Recognize that our demons can be conquered, have faith and believe. Believe in your dream, believe in fairies, believe in miracles and most of all believe in yourself.

Be honest, be free, be love, believe in miracles and most of all believe in yourself, because everything you need will come to you in time as long as you are patient, you work hard and remember to smile.

The light in me honors and respects the light in you.

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