Monday, February 6, 2012

Let Go

Living in a fast pace world builds stress, compounds problems and teaches us how to move past issues before they have ever really been dealt with. We are inundated with facts, images, sounds, smells - our senses so over loaded we can't even decipher between two objects, let alone emotions and what is worse is we have grown accustom to looking at life like this and accepting it as how life is meant to be.

But it's not.

The more items we put into a bucket, the heavier it becomes. Items on top begin to crush the items on the bottom - some times crushing those items, rendering them useless. Broken shards of yesterday crunching and pulverizing into a fine powder that coats every other item around it.

This is what our lives become when we don't take the time to stop and deal with the life we have. The clutter becomes a distraction and the dust of a past life holds us in place - we can not be the person we were meant to be.
Memories and traditions of yesterday, muddled with odds and loose ends leave pot holes in our lives that trip things up, create doubt and bind us to something that should be long gone.

But when we stop, when we relax, and I mean truly relax - face the issues, accept what we need to and find the closure to move forward our bucket becomes light again. Empty space is  left to be filled with new experiences, memories, ideas and life.

Letting go doesn't mean failure, forgiving yourself doesn't make you weak and living for today really is the easiest way to open your heart.

Love - love yourself enough to lighten the load of your life. Love yourself enough to understand it's okay - being human is very much okay.

Slow down or even stop. Turn off your phone, computer, television, satellite radio and listen to the ambient sounds around you, or better yet - listen to the ambient noises inside of you.

Know that sometimes physically doing nothing is the right thing to do and simply let go.

Breathe-in "Let"
Breathe-out "Go"


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