Monday, December 19, 2011

Why we meditate

What wise man is eaten up with doubts about happiness in this life and the next? Intelligent men make meditation the essential thing.
~ Atisa Dipankara Shrijnana

When we meditate we are taking a moment to clear out the mind, by silencing the voices in our head we open ourselves up to a whole new universe of possibilities and ideas. Yes, I'm sure you've heard this all before, and yes, it can be hard to take that time to get to a point where the clutter and clamoring noised in our heads cease - but once this has been accomplished... there is just so much more to come.

Meditation is an ancient practice that over time is still as relevant and important as it was when Siddhartha sat under the bodhi tree, and just as Siddhartha obtained enlightenment and became the "Buddha" ("Awakened One"), we can sit and take the path to enlighten even if we live in a one room apartment in the middle of an industrialized city.

Peace and understand is available for all.

Why do we meditate? Because it allows us to see what is around us, removing the distractions and obstacles we place in our own path, bringing us one step closer to peace of mind and relaxation.

Some disregard meditation as something only little men in orange robes sitting deep inside a damp cave somewhere in India or Tebet, but that is a fallacy brought on by miss communication and elitist attempting to keep to themselves. You can learn to meditate by sitting with a pet and merely petting them or cooking your favorite dish for the people you love.

The secret is this - breath and let go.

When I speak of mantras and mudras - these are things that fascinate me and that fascination and love drives me to share them with you - but you do not need to memorized the 216 verses of the Gurugita in order to let go and meditate. You're mantra can simply be, "Let go" or "Who am I?" or even "Today I will just be." And your mudra can be your hands placed at your heart, fingers buried in dirt as you weed your garden or brushing against the hair of your beloved cat/dog.

This week take 10 minutes for yourself and do something that you love. Whatever it may be remember to breath, to let go and to smile.

You're mantra for this week is: WHO AM I?
You're mudra is what ever feels right

and your asana is: FULL WHEEL


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