Thursday, May 3, 2012

This practice of yoga does work

We contort ourselves, twist ourselves, turn ourselves upside down & back again.

People may think we're crazy, but we're fine tuning our body. Fine tuning our body leads us to a calm the breath. 

Take a deep breath in. 

Yoga does work. This action and practice on the mat leads us to different actions or reactions of the mat. We find that we are not so quick to react negatively or angrily to things. Our heart is more open to others, which in turn sets an example to others, shows them that there are positive, loving people out there. 

Ever notice an angry or upset person? Their breath is short, huffy & quick. 

Take a deep breath in. 

Create a chain reaction of love & openness and, eventually, that chain will make its way back to you, give you love, happiness and peace. 

An openness of spirit. A union of people in love and support. 

We are all worth it. 

This practice of yoga does work & each time we step on our mats, we open our body, we open our mind and we open our heart & spirit to love. 

Enjoy this blessing.

Hari om~om tat sat
Immerse yourself in unconditional love & saturate yourself in unlimited consciousness.


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