Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 339 Intention ~ Plan Ahead

Day 339 Intention ~ Plan Ahead

I am not one to map everything out in my life or world. I admittedly get a little lazy about it and fly by the seat of my pants at times. 

Tomorrow I am leading a wellness day for a community group that I have been very excited about. Sure, I've known about it for months. Sure, I've had an idea of what I have wanted to do since learning of this event. And, no, not til this afternoon, did I type it all out and get it together. 

What's funny is that the past two nights I have dreamt of this event and me leading it and, well, it all going well. But, the fact that I am dreaming about it lets me know that I am actually concerned about it more than I consciously feel like I am. 

So, even with my vague outline in my head, today, I planned this event. I typed it all out & am ready to roll with it come tomorrow. 

And guess what? I feel more relaxed now. 

A Malian proverb from today's African proverbs calendar reads, "Those who accomplish great things pay attention to little ones."  So, perhaps this outline and plan for me are the "little" things, but to someone who reaps its benefits tomorrow, it could be considered great. 

Til tomorrow...




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