Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day 353 Intention ~ Keep On Moving

Day 353 Intention ~ Keep On Moving
Today is one of those crazy days. I am teaching 6 classes. Not a normal day...and not necessarily a good idea if looking to keep one's sanity. :)
So, today's motto or mantra is to keep on moving. I fear if I sit and rest, I will then lose all energy and not make it back out of the house! With four down & two to go, I am on the flip side of it, but these are also the two classes that I am struggling the most with as far as motivation is concerned.
When I worked a regular desk job, I always found that if it was a busy day, then I seemed to get more done than if it were a light workday. Same is true now. Even with house work or "to do" lists. If I have nothing to do, then I really do nothing. But, the busier I am, not only do I get more done, but I am much more motivated.
So, keep on moving...especially this crazy time of year. It may just help you "do it all"!
Til tomorrow...

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