Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 361 Intention ~ Get Reinspired

Day 361 Intention ~ Get Reinspired
I suffer from end-of-the-year-itus right now. I am excited that I have only three more classes in 2013. There is this thought in my head that come next Thursday when I am back to teaching, that everything will be new again just at the turn of a calendar page.
Why wait?!
Well, much to my surprise, instead of leaving 2013 feeling burned out and wanting to just hole up and hide for a month, I am already feeling renewed.
How did this happen?
Well, inspiration can come in the simplest ways. I needed to drive my husband to work this morning because his car is in the shop. I don't have class til later this afternoon, so I decided to watch a yoga documentary this morning. As I listened to different yoga masters talk about yoga, I started to feel that spark inside again. I started to realize that yoga is so important, not only for me but for millions of people. It is such a healing and growth tool. It is simply transformational and amazing.
Once the film was finished, I took George for a walk. As we walked through the snowy streets, I felt inspiration. Just being outside in the fresh air with a being who is so present there is no ignoring it.
I came home and started to write notes for an article that I have been struggling with conceptually for a long time now. I rolled out my mat and am warming up my little yoga room as I type this, and again, I am awed by the life I get to live and create and connect in.
Til tomorrow...

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