Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 357 Intention ~ See Old Friends

Day 357 Intention ~ See Old Friends
It's a couple of days before Christmas and all through Cleveland, people were packing parking lots and driving like maniacs to pick up last minute gifts for the holidays. They were checking their phones (doesn't have to be a holiday for that) and distracted by their thoughts so much that they were cutting each other off and getting into accidents and honking their horns.
Happy holidays.
I drove down to Kent this morning to see some old friends that live in California now. It was my only chance to see them this holiday season, so I trekked down there even if it was for only 90 minutes. I will take what I can get. Seeing friends and family during the holidays is more important to me than anything else. So, I do what I can.
As I drove to and from, the cars were driving erratically and cutting each other off, not signaling or not turning their signals off long past switching lanes. The exit at Chagrin was backed up all the way to the highway. As people pulled up next to me, everyone looked so unhappy.
I couldn't help asking myself, why do we put ourselves through it each year!?!
So, in defiance of this holiday stress, I chose to remain calm in my vehicle and know that I would eventually move again. I would get home. And, I am still happy I drove all that way to see old friends for a few moments today.
A friend of mine has a bath towel in her bathroom that reads, "Friends are the best presents." Last weekend when we were all over at her house for a holiday gathering, we busted her chops a little bit on that towel and had a good laugh. But, today, when I think about it, it's true.
Til tomorrow...

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