Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 335 Intention ~ Be Present & Content

Day 335 Intention ~ Be Present & Content

As the holiday weekend winds down, many of you may be dreading heading back to work tomorrow. For me, besides Thanksgiving day, I have been working all weekend long. So, as I wrapped up the two classes that I subbed this morning, I was so happy to not have any other obligations til tomorrow evening. 

I found myself sitting in the lazy boy chair, snuggled with a blanket and fire in the in the wood burning stove, watching the Browns (yes, I do love my Brownies still), I felt so content. So comfy, so happy, and relaxed. The best part to me besides feeling this way was realizing that I felt this way. In the moment. Ahhhhhhhhh. 

It's so great when we have these little moments. I hope that they happen often for you. Of course I feel like they could happen more often (at least the relaxed part), but I will take them when I get them.

Remember to breathe deep tomorrow & if you stay in the moment and think positively, you will have a great Monday back from a long weekend. 

Til tomorrow...



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