Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 343 Intention ~ Adapt

Day 343 Intention ~ Adapt

Okay, a.k.a. work with what you got.

The internet is out at my house. Luckily these days there are smartphones to do many things (like type a blog).

Learning to adapt to the situation can be a practice in and of itself.

How do you react when things don't go as planned?

Do you get angry and upset or go with the flow?

It's interesting to look back on how I used to respond to these types of situations.  I would get huffy & upset. Nowadays,  do long as my yoga practice has been steady, I can take a step back before reacting negatively.  Chances are that the world isn't against me as I once suspected.

Next time you find yourself flying off the handle because something doesn't go as planned,  check yourself. Take a step back & breathe. Try ujjayi, victorious breath, by constricting the glottis and breathing in and out through the nose. 

It may just save you from saying something you don't mean and you will feel better regardless.

Til tomorrow...



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