Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 247 Intention ~ Hit The Road

Day 247 Intention ~ Hit the Road

Off on another adventure today! I am so lucky. Today we are headed to Virginia for Lock'n Music Festival where we are sure to meet some interesting folks and hear some great music; I am particularly excited for The Black Crowes & Jimmy Cliff! I may even try SUP yoga on the pond there...we will see, I will at least get to the Ashtanga tent (thank goodness!)

Just as I encourage in my yoga classes, I always enjoy the drive/ride to the adventure. That's part of it, right?! So, sure, just like getting into that pose that has eluded you is fun, it's also fun to learn the ways to open & work the body to get to that pose. That is how I look at these adventures my husband and I go on. I always have fun when I am there, but it's also nice to drive down the rode, see the sights and just enjoy the whole trip. 

They claim that they put up cell towers at the site where the festival is happening, so I am hoping to keep up my daily intentions with you while I am there. If not, I apologize, but I will be writing them on paper & sending them out once I return next week. 

Til tomorrow (I hope!)...



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