Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 264 Intention ~ Lighten Up

Day 264 Intention ~ Lighten Up

Been feeling a little "heavy" in my mind the past couple of days. Not sure if it's the rainy weather or too much tme watching Don Draper pout in Mad Men reruns, but it is time to lighten up. Sure, classes were a little bit lighter this week for some reason (I have given up trying to figure out the waves in yoga class attendance!), but other than that, things are GOOD! 

Lots of work to do, fun times with friends, my husband's art & guitar work are starting to gain some traction, we're healthy, our family and friends are healthy. Life is good. 

So, although, I am working this evening, so that I can have the next two days off instead, I need to try to get out of my head, and just enjoy. 

Til tomorrow...



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