Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 253 Intention ~ Get Back In The Swing Of Things

Day 253 Intention ~ Get Back In The Swing Of Things

Trying to get back to normal. Still feeling pretty tired and out of it. Cleaned up a bunch of stuff from the trip. I also went through and cleaned out the fridge from anything that may have gone bad since we left. Got accounting done...for this week anyhow. 

Now, some yoga practice is needed. Of course, like every time I go to an outdoor festival, I bring my yoga mat with intentions of practicing. Almost every time, I don't. This time, in my defense, they didn't post the times on any schedule. I would get an update from the app on my phone after I had missed it to go to class. Oh well. So it goes sometimes. 

Today's practice will consist of some twists to help get the kinks out and squeeze my organs a bit. Detox please!! 
Also some energizing back bends to wake me up a little bit more. 

Hopefully after that, I will feel more awake to go teach class this evening...I hope so! 

Til tomorrow...



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