Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 268 Intention ~ Play To My Audience

Day 268 Intention ~ Play to My Audience

I have three yoga classes today. All are very different audiences. The first are at the Centers for Families and Children. Most of these students are stressed out and just need some gentle poses and breath work to find ease and relaxation. We always practice yoga nidra also to soothe them even more. 

The next group is a group of seniors that need to go a little bit more slowly and gently. I also need to be clear and talk a little bit louder. They still do many of the standing poses, but just enter into the poses a little bit differently and more gently than in a full on vinyasa flow class. They usually have more questions or things that are harder for them to do, so it's always a good lesson for me also to discover what directions and processes are the best to help them get the most out of their practice. 

Lastly, I have a class at the community center. It's an open level class and it runs in 6 week sessions. Some of the folks have been coming since I started teaching this class 3 years ago and are getting pretty advanced; this time there are also a number of new people that are new, not just to my class, but to yoga in general. Although this class is more vigorous than the other two today, we are still working on some basic poses for the newer people. 

I used to go into classes with a whole plan and if I got off of that class plan, I was thrown off completely. As time went on and I got more experience, the plan became less strict. I always have something in mind that I would like to work on, but depending who is there and their injuries or limitations, teachers need to be able to adapt to what is going to be best for their clients that day. We always want to offer a safe, maybe challenging class to our students. A class that makes them learn how to listen to their own body, to feel stronger, more flexible, relaxed, and wanting more.

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