Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 262 Intention ~ Go Easy

Day 262 Intention ~ Go Easy

Trying to take it easy today, even with 5 classes to teach. Four down, one to go this evening. With the fall schedule coming into play, and the busier schedule upon me, I fear that I have run myself down a little bit. When I got home last night, I was worried that I was falling ill early in the season for me. 

In this yoga profession, having a cold is not an option. So, I am listening to the cues today and going easy on myself. 

Luckily, I have this break in the day to rest and get it together for class this evening. 

In yoga, we get to learn our bodies cues. We become so familiar with how our shoulders, arms, legs, back, etc. feel in poses and moving through the poses, that we know when something just isn't right. We learn to listen to what our body is telling us that day. How far it can go, push further or pull back a bit that day. The key is accepting and being okay with what your body is telling you any given day. 

Learning to apply these lessons in our regular life off the mat is helpful too. When to push for that promotion or raise, how to assess a situation and deal with it, how we handle stress, and even when to call in sick. Allow the body to rest and heal when it needs it. 

So, that is what is going to happen here this afternoon. 

Til tomorrow...



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