Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 269 Intention ~ Practice Some Yin Yoga

Day 269 Intention ~ Practice Some Yin Yoga

In particular, yin for the lungs, large intestine, small intestine &heart. In yin yoga, the student holds the poses for 3-5 minutes and really gets into the connective tissue and allows the body to deepen in each posture. There is also a connection to the meridians of the organs and chi...more Eastern medicine. There is a lot to it & believe me, I am just scratching the surface, but I will tell you the emotional & mental reasons why I would like to work on these parts of the body in particular. 

Lungs and large intestine: the emotional qualities of their chi is courage and reverence...allowing us to be strong and present. Mentally, we are strong, have endurance and confidence. Also, we can think clearly.

Heart & small intestine: With healthy heart chi we find some inner peace and calm, we are joyful and feel nourished ~ inside and out. We feel connected to life. With the heart and small intestine working together, we feel happiness and love for the world and the people in it. We have purpose and find meaning in life. 

These are things that when I feel a little depleted or maybe negative about things, I need. Last week I was feeling tired and worn out...uninspired. This week, that will be changed (even though it is Thursday already!)

A great book for Yin Yoga is Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers. That is where I got the information shared with you today. 

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