Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 260 Intention ~ Say No With No Guilt

Day 260 Intention ~ Say No With No Guilt

I am a "yes" person, that is for sure. So much so that I tend to overtax myself physically, mentally, emotionally to say yes to people when they need me. 

This creates a couple of problems: 
1. this taxes me physically, mentally & emotionally
2. People take for granted that I will say yes all of the time

I sub for teachers all of the time. I hate canceling a class because there's no sub available. I think it builds inconsistency for the class and eventually people start to go elsewhere. Besides, it introduces me to some students who may not have taken my class before. 

I have subbed 2 classes this week already and with 3 new classes in addition to my regular classes, that is enough. So today, when asked to sub later in the week, I said no. I felt a little guilty for a moment & then realized that people say no to me all of the time. This person has never once subbed for me when I have asked and I have always done it for her, except maybe 1 other time in all these years. 

Anyhow, that's all besides the point. The point is, I thought about it, I decided it was not something that I wanted to do because I have a busy day that day & am already feeling stressed about it and I said no. I said no and I feel good about it. Woo hoo!!

Til tomorrow...



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