Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 252 Intention ~ Rest Up

Day 252 Intention ~ Rest Up

Home sweet home. After driving 8+ hours home today after a crazy 5 days on the road, it is time to rest up. Being in a festival setting with the scorching sun during the day and the cool air at night, the dusty roadways to the venue, the walking and dancing on hilltops, eating out of coolers and going to the bathroom in port o' johns, really make me appreciate all of the amenities we have at home. 

Hot private showers and refrigerators especially. I am sure my bed is going to feel great to sleep on too. I had a great time and enjoyed each moment thoroughly, but it is great to be home. It is great to just relax and get a normal night's sleep tonight before getting back in the groove tomorrow.

Til tomorrow...



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