Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 254 Intention ~ Speak Clearly

Day 254 Intention ~ Speak Clearly

Sometimes when I get nervous, I start to talk fast and mumble. Today, I had to do a demo class for the senior center to try to encourage attendance for my class that is starting next week. I also started a new session at the community center. I still get a little nervous when teaching to new people. Although it's better than it used to be, I still sometimes catch myself releasing a nervous laugh, or mumbling through instructions, or saying the dreaded, "you know". 

Today, although with a couple moments of those reactions, I did my best to speak clearly and slowly. The reality is, the more relaxed I am as a teacher, the more relaxed the students will feel. That's when they can really start to open, not only physically, but emotionally. 

Til tomorrow...




  1. I mumble and talk low when I get anxious.

    I overcompensate intentionally, and I over-pronounce everything and strain my voice to get it out. I sound really weird, I'm sure, but, oh well.

  2. I think making that conscious effort helps though. And then hopefully, maybe someday, it won't be an issue. Thanks for reading!