Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 258 Intention ~ Listen & Learn

Day 258 Intention ~ Listen & Learn

I took a yoga class with a "new to me" teacher today. It is someone that I have known on the yoga scene for a few years now, but I have just never made it to her class. She led a beautiful class that kept me on my toes and led me to learn some new techniques. 

Yesterday I went to class with my teacher and I discovered that I seemed more receptive to being still and listening to the instructions instead of rushing into whichever posture she was signaling. It allowed me to think about how I was moving, how I felt transitioning into the pose (which, coincidentally, was the teacher today's theme) and enjoying it once I arrived. I felt more mature in a way with my practice that hasn't always been there. 

Both of these classes helped me discover things about my own practice, which is why I love to check out different teachers and different styles of yoga. There is something to be learned from each teacher and each class. It may not be your favorite all time class, but I assure you, that teacher has something to offer. 

As I came upstairs to the computer to write this, I flipped my African proverbs calendar to September 15 and it reads a Kenyan proverb:

"A listening ear leads to life but a deaf ear leads to death."

Too funny. I'm listening, I'm listening! 

Til tomorrow...



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