Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 102 Intention ~ Ask For An Extension

Day 102 Intention ~ Ask for an extension

Or, you could say, give up control. One of the websites that I write for requires experts in the field in which I am writing assignments. Unfortunately, this doesn't always let me make my deadlines. When I first started writing for them, I would get so tense and stressed out because people may accept your invitation to be interviewed and be sincere, but even with the best intentions, people get sidetracked. They may eventually answer my questions, but not always in a timely deadline focused manner. 

Nowadays, I try to let it go. My editor is pretty reasonable and usually gives me an extension if necessary. Realizing that I cannot control others actions and admitting that I can't pull a rabbit out of a hat has made me a much more relaxed reporter. 

Learning this in other aspects of life is good too. Yesterday when my body was screaming for me to take a break, I listened. I am still not physically feeling 100%, but I do feel better than yesterday. 

Same with relationships with other people, either socially or in a work environment. People have their own things going on and they may not respond how you would or how you would like them to. It's okay, this is what makes the world go round. So long as you remind yourself that you cannot control others and their feelings and reactions, you may find a little more peace in your feelings and reactions. This will cause a much smoother and calmer day.

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