Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 103 Intention ~ Remember It's Still New...To You

Day 103 Intention ~ Remember it's still you.

...or at least it's "new" to some students that come into class. 
Some days I feel like I have said the same things over and over so many times that I feel like I have become like a broken record. I forget that students don't hear it the 17 or more times I've said something that week & frankly, they need the reminder to lengthen the side body or bend their knee or even just to breathe. 

Although it is hard to keep things sounding fresh all the time or perhaps a teacher feels like they've taught the same pose so many times that they think that there is no way this is fresh, the student is the one the class is for, not the teacher. Believe me, I learn and get things out of teaching classes too, but it's not about's about the student. 

Today in class, a student that I generally only see once a week asked me if we could practice janu sirsasana, seated head to knee pose. Now I teach that in almost every class I teach, and would think that this would be one of those poses that people could get bored with, but to have this student ask if we could practice it just brought it back to the forefront that it's fresh to them...and that's who matters. 

If you find yourself getting bored with what you are saying and can't find a way to make it exciting again, change the language, or look at the student and see if they are getting it and if that doesn't work, it may just be time for a vacation. :)

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