Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 98 Intention ~ Don't Over Think It

Day 98 Intention ~ Don't Over Think It

In attempts to keep this blog as honest as possible with what is up with me each's is don't over think it. 

I am currently reading into a text I received a little bit ago, making it negative when it may not even have been meant that way. Instead of waiting to talk it out later, I started to get sad, even a little angry, when I haven't personally discussed this yet.

Anyhow, I am trying to bring my emotions back to an even keel. Of course, being pure and in the moment is being honest and present. Although, being reactionary is not always the best way to be. In yoga, we learn to address our struggles and work through them. Hopefully, we can take this off the mat when we encounter situations or read texts (like me today) that we don't necessarily want to be in or hear because we're hoping for something else. 
We try to find santosha, or contentment, in whatever is going on around us. 

It's hard sometimes. 

I am going to keep trying. 

Til tomorrow...



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