Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 107 Intention ~ Enjoy the Ride

Day 107 Intention ~ Enjoy the Ride

Today my hubby and I venture out onto the rode. Driving 14 hours to Live Oak, Florida to go to a music festival. The festival will be great fun I am sure, but I love the drive. I love to check out new places and seeing the sights. Although this drive is going to go late into the night, our plan is to breakfast in Savannah, Georgia, so I am super excited. 
I went there over a decade ago for a night with my friends, Carol and Fez, and I just loved it. So, that is the goal. I love that mystical swampy Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil feeling.
It's good to get out of one's normal everyday environment and take a look around. See what's going on with other people, in other areas. Expand your horizons. It helps us to understand differences in others and perhaps find an openness to their situations and ideas. It can help us find the connection between us, which to me, is practicing yoga. 

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