Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 99 Intention ~ Enjoy the Quiet

Day 99 Intention ~ Enjoy the Quiet

Even if it is only for a moment...and perhaps not all that quiet. Sure, I can hear the birds or cars passing by outside, the hum of the computer's hard drive, but just for a few moments it seems so peaceful. 

No music blasting or television blaring. No one talking in my ear...just "quiet". As yogis, we are supposed to be able to find stillness in any situation. Although, sometimes this is possible, it's just more clearing & calming for me (and I am sure others) when it's a little bit quieter around me. I can focus on the breathe, my mind can relax a little more and I feel more peaceful. Sure, I strive to find calmness in any crazy situation going on, but I guess I'm not that enlightened yet...maybe someday! 

But, if we find these little moments of stillness or quiet each day, even if it's just a short moment to start, it can make the rest of our day a little bit more calm. Eventually those moments of quiet become longer and perhaps even stretch into those other less quiet moments. 

Til tomorrow...



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