Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 115 Intention ~ Go To Bed Early

Day 115 Intention ~ Go to bed early. 

This week has been back to hectic hours and up & down Cleveland weather. All I feel is run down. Trying to get different jobs & tasks done and then getting up at 5 a.m. one day & 6 a.m. the next just leave me tired and feeling like a cold is coming on. Going to bed later than I should doesn't help. So tonight, I am on lock down for sleep. 

Sleep is so important health-wise. It is your chance to revitalize and rest. It helps your mind clear and just plain makes the next day so much better. When we are overtired, we tend to start finding substitutes for sleep to help keep us up like sugar or too much caffeine, things that can leave us feeling jittery or crashing in an hour. We also tend to crave junk food over healthier options, so bad choices start. 

Not enough sleep also leaves us run down and our immunity systems become weaker, leaving us prone to more illness. 

So tonight, I will sleep. I went to a Max Strom workshop last fall and he discussed things that prevent people from sleeping...besides the obvious sugar/caffeine culprits, he mentioned looking at "blue" screens before bed...yup, television, computers, even smartphones. He suggested shutting them down a few hours before planning to go to sleep and see if you don't just sleep a little bit better tonight. 
He also suggested reading something inspiring and positive before bed to help keep stress away. Of course, breathing exercises and legs up the wall pose help too! 

So, that is my plan. I wish you all a happy, healthy evening & lots of restful sleep. 

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