Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 117 Intention ~ Flow Like Water

Day 117 Intention ~ Flow Like Water

Perhaps I should say, "go with the flow", but flow like water just sounded a little prettier to me this afternoon. Being a pisces (not to get all hippie dippy on ya), this isn't really a hard task. We tend to go with the flow naturally. 

Today, I was supposed to be at a pretty public venue for yoga demonstrations and drumming up business for a new place I am teaching, but plans change. I was actually looking forward to doing something new (to me) and meeting new people and potential students. 

It is just too gorgeous out today and this event is indoors, so I have been called off duty. Although I was looking forward to it, I am also excited to get to enjoy this afternoon outside also (after I get off the computer of course!)

So, in this way, I am going with the flow. Sometimes it's easier than other times. This was an easy one. When we learn acceptance of events in our lives and don't get so attached to the outcomes, we learn to flow a little bit more gracefully through life. A person that loses attachment to outcomes becomes sattvic, or pure and balanced in body and mind. 

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