Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 116 Intention ~ Keep It Light-Hearted

Day 116 Intention ~ Keep it light-hearted

Sometimes...okay, lots of times, when I am getting ready to go teach class, I find myself getting hung up on trying to make the class the most profound class with all sorts of fancy sequences and try to really blow the students mind. 
Reality is, in general, when I keep it light-hearted and just go with the feeling in the room, it goes much better. 

Being a yoga teacher is a funny thing sometimes. You get so immersed in yoga and living in a yogic way, that you forget that not everyone is like that. You forget that for some, they just want to feel worked out. There is nothing wrong with that. Of course, I would like to leave each student with a little nugget from the other parts of yoga besides asana practice. But, I also want to make them want to come back. The other stuff usually comes in time, so if they keep coming back, there are more and more chances to get them on to more philosophy and talk about the yamas and niyamas or about The Bhagavad Gita. 

So, instead of putting tons of pressure on myself this afternoon to act like I am some sort of guru, I am just going to have fun with it, and hope that my students do too. 

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