Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 189 Intention ~ Get Creative...

Day 189 Intention ~ Get Creative...

And I mean that with work and play! After a nice break, you may have noticed a little frazzled tone in my posts pre-vacation last week, I am now ready to conquer the world!! Ha ha ha, okay, just get a little more creative with my yoga teaching and writing & my play time (generally I mean with George.)

It's summer, classes tend to slow down and dogs like to have a more adventurous time in the great outdoors. Feeling more inspired, I have a bunch of motivation and new ideas for my business and pleasure. Of course, this being Monday and having the last 5 days off, I suppose it's going to be about business today for me, but that is okay too. One great thing about planning fun yogic things and writing is that I can brainstorm and plan outside in the beautiful weather. 

Mercury is retrograde and yes, I have felt its effects somewhat, but even with that stress going on monetarily and emotionally (and you know not to make big purchases of electronics or sign any contracts during Mercury retrograde, right??), I feel good and positive! This is going to be a great summer & year ahead! 

So, if you are local to me, stay tuned for some great exciting new things coming up very very soon! 

Til tomorrow...



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