Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 203 Intention ~ Just Do What You Can

Day 203 Intention ~ Just Do What You Can

You can't control Mother Nature. Today, I had many gardening & lawn mowing plans to get ready, not only for a yoga class in my yard tomorrow morning, but friends that will be here in the evening. 

But, alas, the rain and wet grass lead me to delay my plans outdoors and focus inside. So, for today, I am cleaning indoors rather than out in hopes of at least getting some of these tasks taken care of. 

We constantly get thrown curve balls to what we may have planned for ourselves. It can be minor like a weather delay for yard clean up or more major, but adjusting and accepting what is the reality rather than the plan in our heads, helps us move forward with our day and our lives rather than react harshly or negatively to a different situation than what we wanted. Reacting in this way never does any good to help the situation, so try to accept whatever is going on around you...ideal or not. 

Til tomorrow...



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