Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 191 Intention ~ Step Away From the Computer

Day 191 Intention ~ Step Away From the Computer

Okay, and the phone. I recently got a brand new fancy smartphone and I admit, I am addicted to it! My last phone constantly had battery issues and just didn't have the capabilities like this fancy new one. So, besides constantly being "in touch" through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and text, I also have been spending a lot of time staring at the big screen of the desktop computer writing and working on marketing, etc. this week. 

My eyes hurt and with all of this "connection" going on, I feel...well...disconnected. So, getting all of this business online done early today, the plan is to step away from the computer and the phone and reconnect with the outdoors, with my dog, with the Earth in it's most basic format. Just like I did pre-internet. Step outside. Breathe it in. 

Disconnect to reconnect. 

Practice yoga. 

Til tomorrow...



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