Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 206 Intention ~ Work From the Heart

Day 206 Intention ~ Work From the Heart

I think as a yoga teacher, I often find myself worrying about delivering a quality class to my students while keeping it interesting for them also. Sometimes I stress about this so much that the class could then turn into exactly the opposite of the goal. I have often laughed at myself overthinking classes and getting stressed...over yoga. 

It took some time, and it was something that I was aware of the whole time, but once it resurfaces, it all flows together again, and is one piece of advice that I have for newer teachers ~ to teach from the heart. People will feel your sincerity and appreciate that much more than you trying to impress them with fancy sequences that were put together haphazardly or to try to "show what you know" to the students. 

In any line of work or project or passion that you have, if you work from the heart as you do it, that love and sincerity will be visible to whomever sees it. 

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