Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 182 Intention ~ See The Bright Side

Day 182 Intention ~ See The Bright Side

Monday, Monday...sure it's cliche. But, man oh man, what a day so far. One of those days when things are just annoying and more difficult than those easy breezy days of Jupiter. I did see a friend post something about Mercury being retrograde. 

It started when I couldn't sleep last night...that usually starts it. Then my drive through the University Circle construction zone was a mess. And even though I kept asking myself, "Why are you letting this bug you?", I still felt crabby about it. Even when the radio played an old Aerosmith tune that I love and then right into The Stones. Surely it was the universe trying to tell me to just enjoy the ride with a side of some classic rock that I love.

Things started to look up. 

When I went home, I felt productivity take over me. Then, I tried to walk my beloved George. Now George is a powerful beast when he wants to get to something or to another dog. As we are walking, he takes care of his business. I bend down to pick it up and see a guy with a dog across the street. George starts to get excited and starts to drag me a bit. I try to stop him. Granted, I should have stood up at this point, but I thought he would stop. What the heck was I thinking?!?!?!

Next thing I know, I have been dragged through what I was trying to pick up and I'm still wondering if George may have pulled my already screwy shoulder out of its socket. Ugh. The guy then says, "He just wants to play." Arghhhh.

Needless to say, this is in the top 5 grossest and worst walk experiences George and I have ever had. As I moped all the way home, determined to be annoyed, George settled in next to me and gave me his unconditional love. And, I still wouldn't trade that love beast for any other dog in the world. 

So, there are worse things that could have happened. Sure, I'm a little embarrassed and my shoulder is a little, okay, very sore, but we are okay. And life is still good, Mercury retrograde Monday or not. 

Til tomorrow...



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