Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 211 Intention ~ One Step At A Time

Day 211 Intention ~ One Step At A Time

Being the pisces that I am, I tend to live in a dream land sometimes...a.k.a. fantasy land. I dream big and sometimes lose the smaller steps to get that big dream to come true. Now, I'm not just talking about career goals, but everyday simple things that I would like done. 

For example, I get this vision of my back yard...finished how I would like it to be in my fantasy world. Reality...I've been ignoring it all summer because we've been away or too busy, etc. It became so overgrown that the thought of working out there was just too overwhelming. In my head, there was this bountiful garden growing and a hammock, the patio was clean and cleared off and there are garden candles and decorations, and on and on. A couple weeks ago, I put the candle stakes up and started pulling the weeds. Then...back out of town. Backyard ignored again. Today, the hammock went up and some plants actually went into the ground (finally!). 

And, although it may not be my fantasy garden/backyard. It feels great back there. One step at a time. 

Same with my writing. Instead of visualizing myself on a book tour, I have been writing down ideas for the book that still needs written. 

Instead of jumping right back into a full on hardcore yoga practice after hurting my shoulder, I have eased back in and finally today, started back on my forearm stand work. 

One step at a time. It takes the pressure off and it makes each small accomplishment more valuable. 

Til tomorrow...



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