Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 199 Intention ~ Get to Work!

Day 199 Intention ~ Get to Work!

Working for what you want is definitely the theme around my house this week. Everywhere we turn someone who inspires us, horoscopes or even just reality has been telling us that we have to work for what we want in this world. Of course, we know this already. But, it's good to get a little kick in the pants to encourage motivation also. 

Problem here is...these hot hot days in Cleveland this week are making me more sluggish than ever! When I have returned home from classes the past two days, I have fallen into a deep sleep in the recliner. Maybe I just need sleep or perhaps I am turning on too much British television. :)

Regardless, the past two days, while on my way to class, I have been excited about the work I would get to do when I get home only to find the motivation is sapped out of me when I get there. 

So, my intention for today (and tomorrow and on and on) is to get to work. 

As G. Love says, "You got to work to deserve it, earn it to own it."

Til tomorrow...



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