Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 192 Intention ~ Find Joy

Day 192 Intention ~ Find Joy

Finding joy in all that you do, whether it is work or play, whether it's rainy or sunny, hot or cold. Even if it seems as mundane as balancing your checkbook (although that is not always a joyous outcome!), try to just enjoy life, being thankful for each moment. 

If you hate your job, and hate every moment you are there, guess what?! It won't get any better until you find something there that gives you joy. The attitude in you has to change for things to turn around. 

It's amazing how just tweaking your mindset a bit can really change how things look. And then, when you are joyful and positive, joyful and positive things start to happen around you! The energy shifts. Misery loves company is the saying, and yes, if you wallow in the misery, it continues. 

Who really wants that? No one. 

So, today is the day, this moment is the moment, make a choice to find joy & start enjoying your life now.

Til tomorrow...



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