Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 197 Intention ~ Don't Get Discouraged

Day 197 Intention ~ Don't Get Discouraged

Mercury is still in retrograde til the 20th. They always say it's not a good time to make deals or purchase electronics during this period, so trying to keep that in mind. 

This morning I was looking to start a new season of classes outside and well, let's just say it didn't go off as planned! 
BUT, that being said, I will not get discouraged. It's so hot outside this week and I know some of my "regulars" are currently out of town or at work. They will come as the season goes on. 

Anything you do, if it's something you really want, keep at it! Keep trying. There will always be ups and downs, but that is how we learn. 

Keep your chin up, only a few more days of this Mercury retrograde my friends.

Til tomorrow...



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