Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 202 Intention ~ Listen to the Birds

Day 202 Intention ~ Listen to the Birds

Outdoor yoga. As much as I enjoy it, sometimes in a crowded park, it can be distracting. Granted, I realize that that is part of the lesson of yoga. Find focus in yourself, in your breathe, but when kids are yelling f-bombs while you are trying to attain bliss in's difficult even for the most seasoned, enlightened yogi (no, I am not referring to me, in case you thought that I was!) 

So, with the madness going on around our little class on the grass, I just tried to listen to the birds instead of the conversations and loud discussions going on around me. 

Sometimes there aren't birds around when you find yourself getting distracted. In this type of a case, come back to the breath. Start to count the inhales and the exhales, either finding the same count for each or perhaps making the exhales longer. This is one way to bring the focus back in and let those pesky outside thoughts float away. 

This doesn't just help with your yoga practice, it can bring more focus to your life in general whether it's at work, when you are driving, playing a sport...whatever you do! 

Enjoy the day & if you find yourself getting distracted and stressed, listen to the birds.

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