Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 200 Intention ~ Take Responsibility

Day 200 Intention ~ Take Responsibility

I can't believe it's day 200 already!! 

Today I am taking responsibility. I admittedly have made some stupid mistakes regarding my money and credit cards in my life. I try to make these things life lessons, but this one has taken me 20 years to learn. BUT, I am finally learning it. 
It is a point of contention with my husband and myself and has held a dark cloud over my head for way too long. 

How could I have let this happen??? When I first started teaching yoga full-time and was building up my classes and clientele, I was too proud to ask my husband for money to pay my credit card bill. I stupidly paid late more than once, but never more than a day or two. Well, they jacked my rate up. Now the payments are out of control. Half of my monthly income seems to go to paying on that account. ugh. Of course, I am completely embarrassed by the situation. But now, I am swallowing my pride and admitting to myself that I don't have this under control and making calls to help myself. 

Why is this such an issue??

I am totally responsible in other aspects of my life. I show up, on time, for all of my work engagements, heck, even my social engagements. I pay our other bills. I balance my checkbook, I admit when I am wrong, and I've written this blog everyday for the last 200 days like I promised. 

So, today I am taking responsibility. I have already called the credit card company to try to get them to work with me on this. My next call is to my accountant to ask for her advice on how to handle this issue. I had told my husband that I would do this quite awhile back and avoided it out of embarrassment, but today is the day!

Even though I may not like what I hear, I already feel better having taken the first steps in this process. If you have something hanging over your head, get it out! It's not worth the stress. Start moving forward with it today and clear it up. 
You'll be happy that you did. 

I know that I already feel more true to myself by admitting and trying to fix this than I did just yesterday.

Til tomorrow...



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