Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 216 Intention ~ Hoop It Up!

Day 216 Intention ~ Hoop it up!

The last couple of years I have become mesmerized by the hoop girls at music shows. Especially those hoops with the lights. The picture above is from All Good Festival a few years back when this minor obsession started. 

Last night as my husband and I were walking up the road in our neighborhood, it happened. This 40-something girl got her first hula hoop. I've gotta say, it's hard work! But, already today, I feel like I have gotten it down a little bit and am excited to develop this new skill. I think to these folks I see at live shows and how they hoop to the music...maybe tomorrow. Seems so far off right now, but you never know! 

So, hooping it up today (and the rest of my days) have brought back a certain childlike fun and energy into my day and it feels good. I wish I had gotten a hoop when the bug first bit me, but I have it now. 

If there is something you have been wanting to try that you have been putting off for one reason or another, just do it! What do you have to lose? You may just feel like a kid again.

Til tomorrow...



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