Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 226 Intention ~ Continue Learning

Day 226 Intention ~ Continue Learning

Keeping our brain working and learning new things throughout our lives helps us with preventing senility in old age. Teaching yoga is always a constant learning process. I learn from my students every class I teach. I try to learn new things to do in class to teach, but sometimes I get caught up in a rut and teach the same things over and over. 

This fall a new challenge is coming to me. I am putting together a meditation group at one of the venues that I teach. I have been doing tons of reading on the subject, which has made me feel more focused and calm just reading about it! 

But the reality is, I am learning a lot about it. Different methods, different parts of ourselves and our lives that we can work with through meditation. It is pretty exciting. 

I encourage you to continue studying in this life, no matter what the topic. Learning really is fun if it is something you love. 

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