Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 231 Intention ~ Be Understanding...and Kind

Day 231 Intention ~ Be Understanding...and Kind

In my line of work you deal with the general public...a lot. Many ask me questions before or after class about either some of the yoga poses we did in class that day, about certain studios/teachers, or other general yoga questions. 
Of course, I am always open to these questions and love when my students are interested in learning more. 

Every once in awhile, someone just keeps going and going. There are definitely people that need a little more hand holding in class and after class. Although I do try to be understanding, it can get to me at times. Today, I can feel that I have a bit of an annoyance coming on when it comes to a certain student, which is NOT how I want to feel or act towards this person. 

So, today, I am trying to remind myself to be understanding and kind to this student. This is my intention. But first, a few deep breaths in and out. :)

Til tomorrow...



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