Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 219 Intention ~ Accept Whatever Happens

Day 219 Intention ~ Accept Whatever Happens

It's a rainy day today in Cleveland. I have 2 outdoor classes scheduled with no rain backup. As much as I would like these classes to happen, I am just going with the flow and accepting whatever happens. 

Finding contentment with what goes on...good or seemingly bad or unfortunate is just a part of life, therefore, we might as well not fight it. That just makes it harder. Everything happens for a reason, or so "they" say, so I am going to practice santosha and be grateful just for the day and be content with whatever happens. I certainly am not going to fight with Mother Nature about the rain! 

When things don't go as we planned, it can be an interesting investigation as to what the universe is trying to tell us. Maybe something bad would have happened if things went on as we wanted or perhaps something more important to the here and now will pop up. It's hard to know, but either way, I am content. 

Til tomorrow...



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