Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 227 Intention ~ Turn Negative Thoughts Around

Day 227 Intention ~ Turn Negative Thoughts Around

It's a general attitude for life and how you accept its ups and downs. I really try to make this a daily mantra for myself to keep from getting caught up in the whole domino effect that is negativity. 

Something is bound to happen each and every day that isn't exactly what you thought or wanted to have happen...right? If this is not your life, then kudos to you, it must be nice! 
But wait! It can be you, all by your attitude.

Take the swaha, so it is or so it goes, attitude and things won't seem so bad and you may just have that perfect (for you) day. 

Part of this is turning what could be perceived as a negative into a positive. 

For instance, twice today, things did not happen as I thought they would. I have a class in Little Italy on Thursdays at noon. This weekend is the Feast of the Assumption in that neighborhood. Tons of people, blocked off roads, and definitely nowhere close to park. In the past this hasn't affected that class...but this year, the parade was going right through it. I parked a mile away and started the trudge down the hill knowing that I was going to be late if anyone actually made it through there. 
Now, the fact that yoga classes slow down in the summer, I rely especially on my regulars and teaching my classes. So, of course, with my class not happening this afternoon. (I arrived about 10 minutes late and no one was there anyhow.) I walked back down the road and actually got to witness the parade which I have never seen before. So, that was pretty cool. 

Again this evening, one of my more popular classes only had one student. Of course, I get paid per head for this class, so it was not my biggest moneymaker, but as we went through class, I got to talk with my student and get to know what asanas work for her and what adjustments and modifications she could use in future classes too. Now, I do do this in a class with more people, but when it's one on one, it's nice for the student to get more of an explanation and more personal attention. So, although it wasn't my busiest class, I feel like I will be able to teach with a better understanding of this student in the future = positive thing!

So, when you feel like something bad or negative is happening to you, turn it around. Figure out what you are learning from the experience and make it a positive. 

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