Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 221 Intention ~ Practice

Day 221 Intention ~ Practice

There is a joke that yoga teachers never get to practice once they start teaching because they are always teaching. Well, my practice has also gotten a little bit lost, not from teaching too much, but from having injuries here and there. 

But, this morning, I went to my first Ashtanga (shorter version) class in a long time and it was fantastic!! I am still nursing my shoulder a bit from George the dog dragging me to the ground last month, so I couldn't go full force like I used to, but it was still good to be in class with other people, practicing. 

The last month or so I have been being very careful not to injure or strain that shoulder anymore, so I've been doing very slow and more restorative practices, but I LOVE Ashtanga!!

Glad to be back! 

Til tomorrow...



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