Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 242 Intention ~ Keep It Personal

Day 242 Intention ~ Keep It Personal

There is a big yoga event going on this evening at the Rock Hall here in Cleveland. Believe in CLE is what they are calling it. An event sponsored by Lululemon with teachers from Inner Bliss leading the class. According to the event invite on Facebook, over 1000 people are going to go to this event. At first, I was excited at the idea of this event and the community building in the yoga spirit that it could bring, but now that the day is here, I just feel like laying low. 

Oftentimes, I try to avoid the "scene". Twenty years ago, I felt I always needed to be on the scene...these days, not so much. 

Although it's fun to practice with a bunch of people all breathing and sweating and flowing together, I tend to like my personal home practice a little bit more these days. So as cool as I think this event will be, I am going to lay low, keep my practice personal and spend the evening with my favorite beings, John, George & Stella. 

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