Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 241 Intention ~ Stay Pure

Day 241 Intention ~ Stay Pure

Back to the African proverbs calendar, it's actually from August 22nd, but my calendar skips to September 4th from the 22nd, so I've kept it there. I think I finally read it today. 
It is a Swahili proverb that reads, "If your intention is pure, you can walk on the sea." 

Well, when reading that, I guess I would take it as being true to what yourself. So, in an effort to stay pure, I am going to try to stay true. Especially to myself, no matter what the truth is, good, bad or ugly. 

Truth today is that I have been feeling a little lazy, stressed and grumpy. Where did that bliss from yesterday go??? 

It's still there, but in a different form. Running out of time, I had to do a short Ashtanga practice today, which is still better than no practice, so that is good. I would probably be a little grumpier had I not done this. 

Truth is I am grumpy because I forgot to pay some bills I needed to pay and I am slightly beating myself up even though I know that's not healthy for me to do. 

I need to take the swaha attitude of it is what it is. So swaha! 

Til tomorrow...



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