Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 220 Intention ~ Get Hometown Proud

Day 220 Intention ~ Get Hometown Proud

It's one of my favorite times of season! I do love my Cleveland Browns. As much as they lose and disappoint year after year, I still love them. And so do many people all over. With the largest group of backers in the country (don't quote me, but that used to be true I know!), I am not alone. 

Yoga is about creating connection and community & in it's own way, football, and other sports teams, create a bond and a community between people also. 

Especially in Cleveland. There have been many rough years in this rust belt city, not only with football, baseball & basketball. There have been years of population and job loss, run down buildings, business loss...c'mon we all have heard Cleveland jokes. 

But, these days, things are looking up here in Cleveland. Lots of new energy and businesses. Young people moving back into downtown. Many foodie chefs have come to sink their heels, or their forks, into this food city & have created a lot of buzz. 

There is a new excitement around this town and I am excited for it. 

And with the Browns pre-season starting tonight, it makes my Cleveland loving heart well up a little bit more. 

Til tomorrow...Go Browns! 



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