Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 243 Intention ~ Drop It

Day 243 Intention ~ Drop It

One of those days today. Started the day off subbing a class. The usual insecurities arose in me and didn't subside as I watched a few of the students walk away when they discovered that their beloved teacher was not going to be there this morning. 

Although this is an expected behavior in a substitutes world, it still doesn't feel good. I was overtired and relishing in the fact that I actually have 2 days off (in a row!) after I taught these classes today, so I became a bit distracted during the first class that, of course, was the one I was subbing. I felt like I had marbles in my mouth and unfortunately, couldn't get the vision of people walking away rather than take my class out of my mind. Good ego check for me though I suppose. 

As class went on, I started to find presence with the students who were actually there...finally! By the time my regular class rolled around, I was back on my game. 

But then as I was leaving, feelings of self-doubt crept into my being again thinking about the morning class and how I didn't feel like it was my best teaching and no wonder those people didn't want to take my class, blah, blah, blah....

But, now that I have been beating myself up for the afternoon, it's time to DROP IT! It's not serving me to talk to myself this way. We all have off days...even yoga teachers. It's okay. Move forward. And, yes, rest for a couple days before getting back to it on Tuesday! 

Til tomorrow...



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