Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 235 Intention ~ Practice Ahimsa

Day 235 Intention ~ Practice Ahimsa

Ahimsa, one of the yamas or restraints, that yogis are supposed to practice to live in a yogic way. Non-violence or non-harming. Being vegan or vegetarian, trying to leave less of a carbon footprint on the world, being kind (or at least not mean!) in thoughts, words, and action. To other beings...even yourself. 

I reminded myself of this today as I started to beat myself up for not making it to Ashtanga this morning. As a woman, sorry guys, bear with me for a moment, there are certain times that a less vigorous practice or even skipping practice for a day or two is recommended. That is where I am at today. Although, I have just been enjoying my reinstated Ashtanga practice so much these days that I hate to miss an actual led class rather than home practice. But, alas, I am feeling a bit rundown and wanted to sleep in a bit. As the day goes on, I know I made the right choice and that a gentler, more restorative practice is in order today. So, in an attempt to be a little less harming to myself, the harmful chatter to myself has ceased. 

This is one way to bring yoga into your *very* personal daily life :) There are many many other ways. Yoga doesn't end once we step off of our mat...that is when it starts. It's a lifestyle. Live it. 

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